Get Connected at Rock Church

The Connect Track is the BEST way to get connected at Rock Church. Whether you are brand new to church or have been attending for years, we encourage everyone to take part in this impactful course. For more information on the Connect Track and to register, visit our Connections Room on a Sunday morning or keep scrolling down this page.

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Session One - Connect To Christ

Connecting to Christ is life’s most important step! Jesus desires to have a personal relationship with you. The freedom and forgiveness you will experience with Christ are amazing! This session is designed to explore the foundations of Christianity.

Session Two - Connect To The Church

Connecting to a local church is extremely beneficial to your Christian experience. Rock Church has a unique purpose and we would love for you to partner with us. Come out to hear our beliefs, dreams, and story. This session is designed to connect you to Rock Church.

Session Three - Connect To A Life Team

Connecting to one of our life teams is a great step in your spiritual growth. Serving God and others is a powerful way to model Jesus. You are uniquely gifted and we are all called to serve together. This session is designed to connect you to a Life Team at Rock Church.

Session Four - Connect To A Life Group

Connecting to a Life Group will encourage you to share your life with others. We offer a variety of different groups and studies to meet you right where God has you. You were made to experience community. This session is designed to connect you to a Life Group at Rock Church.